What is the benefit of stretching and when should I do it?

Daniel W.
The benefits of stretching would be to loose up the muscles in your body which can help you be more flexible and they won’t fatigue or get injured from physical activities. You should be stretching when you wake up in the morning and before you exercise
Gabriel P.
Stretching helps with muscle aches, prevents headaches and injury during exercise. Stretching upon waking, before exercise, and whenever you feel stressed or sore will keep you flexible, comfortable, and safer from injury.
Rosalva Z.
Stretching gives you a way to prepare to do start something and helps with stress levels, you should stretch as soon as you wake up and before and after a workout.
Mathilde A.
Stretching helps my muscles to gradually warm up and allow me to move more easily and have less chance of becoming injured.
Lily B.
Stretching prevents injuries while working out, makes you more flexible, and helps a lot with muscle development, growth and strength.
The best time for stretching is after a quick warm up, and at the end of your workouts.
Todd P.
The benefits of stretching are to keep you limber and prevent your muscles from becoming stiff which helps to avoid injury.
Mike Q.
Stretching is best done as soon as you wake up as it helps get you out of bed and makes you more awake after a long sleep.
Christoffer G.
It elongates my muscles and keeps me from cramping. Stretching makes me feel good. It’s been a vital part of my work out. Now it needs to be a vital part of my day.
Luca T.
The benefic of streching, is, I think, that when you strech, you feel brand new and fresh! It’s always good to strech in the morning, too.
Carter C.
well, I think it makes your body feel relaxed. I usually do it just before I go to bed. You can do it on bed. Connect stretching with sleep, then each time before you sleep you will remember it.