What happens if you stretch past the point of it being painful?

Leo C.
When you stretch to the point where there is pain rather than just an unconfortable feeling, thats the time you should think about taking it easy.
If you want to stretch to a certain point, you must do it gradually.
Reinhild U.
Well in terms of what happens to your muscle when you stretch past the point of it being painful is the muscles like a rubber band so when you stretch it too much it doesn’t shrink back to the usual size as quickly and so you Gotta give it time and you should ice it and you should go onto like the hot tub or at least a nice relaxing bath and it helps your muscles to repair themselves because you have pushed it passed its maximum point like when you pull rubber band and it gets a little bit thin where tension is kind of same thing that’s going on with your muscle only want to go back to its original size that you can continue using it so you don’t wanna stretch it past the point of it hurting every single time you wanna let it relax it might be frustrating because you want to be flexible quickly but it just takes patience