How long do you usually have to stretch to actually have an effect on your body?

Clara P.
I've never really streched so I use the stretch routine that comes with the app and that usually does the trick and I believe it's a 10 min routine.
Heinrich S.
I like to stretch for long periods of time because i like yoga but with the short timmer im limited to stretchs and relize i dont need alot of time to get a good stretch in the day of busy life
D Borah Z.
I feel that one minute is usually not enough to make a difference but sufficient for before bed time. I feel It can take up to five minutes of stretching in the morning to take away the stiffness after waking up.
William E.
First day I didn’t really notice a big change. Actually I ached a little more that first night, but after a couple days of stretching I notice change. I started to sleep better, didn’t hurt as much, and had better range of motion!