What is the best way to increase ankle and back flexibility?

L Rke N.
Flexibility is something that comes with persistence. You've got to stretch and work to lengthen those tendons and strengthen those muscles! So while there are a number of stretches and exercises that can help in this regard(all a quick Google or physician visit away), the most important thing is being consistent. Do them everyday, sometimes twice a day, and be patient. Flexibility is not something that develops overnight. You've got to be willing to watch yourself make incremental improvements over months and years.

Lauren S.
Slow movements and rotations. Stretching the back in various positions, holding and through the breath stretch a little deeper.

Jon F.
Pilates has really helped me with that. I started it ages ago and I am surprised with what I am able to do now compared to the start.

Jacob W.
The root of all the "health problems" is that we have forgotten to take care of our selfs through diets, exercise, etc. Push ups, the pose "plank" and similar poses like "cat's pose or child pose" help alot the stretch of the flexibility of the back ankles and the whole body in general. Now if we can add in all these a health diet and the loss of weights… Well the results will be remarkable and we would not have ever again any pain.