What are good morning stretches?

G Lsen A.
I just move my body around, feel my muscles stretch and hold the pose for a couple secs. I don't only focus on stretching my upper half, but my lower half as well.

Roma A.
Some good stretches are butterfly, child's pose, sit on the floor and stretch out your legs and reach to each leg (face to knees) , if you can do a bridge then that us a good one.

Mathilde P.
Good morning stretches are very deep and engaging stretch poses, that are used in the morning to engage the body for a more active day.

Linda Y.
I like to do the stretching exercises for the areas that feel tight in the morning. I’ve built my own morning program using this app:


I have a program of gentle stretches and twists that I can do in bed before getting up and It really helps to be able to start the day that way

Misheru L.
I like to simply roll my shoulders and stretch them out, turn my head in circles for a good shoulder, neck stretch. I do cobra pose, child's pose then bow pose for back stretches. For legs I would do pike stretch, downward dog or lunges.

Ernesto A.
I like starting from my toes and working my way up to my head: I have a tendency to reach my toes and feet out as far as possible, and when I feel that stretch, I know I'm doing something right😂then, I move my knee to and from my chest (just to get the blood rushing to my lower body I guess). After that, I loosen up my waist with a good 360 turn😅. Then I stretch my shoulders while wiggling my fingers simultaneously. To finish it off, I tilt my head in a clockwise and anti clockwise rotation, and that's how I've been starting my days right after I take my glass of water🥤

Lucia E.
With proper breathing, I do stretches for my arms, legs, hips and waist mostly. i twist and turn to crack some bones. I also do jumping jacks to energize myself.

Nilofar Y.
Cobra stretch
Spinal twist
Neck stretch
Side stretch
Shoulder stretch
Knees to chest
Child pose
Quad stretch
Hamstring stretch

Chad T.
I wake up around 6:30 and do some yoga, now I don't think it's smart telling you what I do becouse everyone's body Is different and unic so I think you should do what feels the best:) I usually don't do to much, like 20 minutes of it and then I continue with my morning routine:)

El U.
Good morning stretches make your mind and body both prepared for the day and ges you a boost of energy and motivation to start your day

Razannes U.
Playing around with u soccer ball or when ur standing up try and stretch ur back towards ur bottom and last of all just move ur body around very slowly but tightly

Dess E.
Good morning stretches are, when you first wake up and you just stretch every part of your body. Then you feel free and loose

Alba R.
Good Morning stretches are good when you feel alive and awakened. It is when you feel good by doing what be a challenge to most. It is completely different for each person how their Morning stretches lives up to their hopes and goals, and what poses you feel comfortable with.

Josina A.
I usually start by raising my hips in the air while my torso is still on the bed , stretching like a cat with my hands out to straighten my back. I then stretch my legs in all directions and sit up to stretch my arms in the air.

Melanie J.
A couple of breaths and twisting my back, sun salutation, something i don't have to commit to but can do for 1 min and feel hood

Carolyn R.
Usually, a good arm stretch and leg stretches help me wake up more. I do both the behing head and across body arm stretches, and then I sit and do toe reaches and spread lean and touch and hold all for about 8 counts.

Cindy T.
Stretches that help pausing the morning and relaxing, i can use guided stretches to make sure my muscles are feeling refreshed

Inessa S.
Easy stuff at first, like touching your toes, reaching upwards! Then you can move on to short yoga workouts! There’s an app called Yoga that I use. Definitely recommend. GOOD LUCK!!! Don’t forget to drink water lol

Jaelyn U.
The camel and Hollywood really stretch out my back since I have terrible posture. And the triangle and butterfly help stretch out my legs after sleeping or sitting for too long

Yumna N.
I like to stretch my whole body first arms up above my head and on tip toes. Then I stretch each part of my body, starting at the top with my neck, making my way down to my legs. I start with neck and shoulder rolls, and moving my neck by looking up, down, left, right. It’s important to feel the stretch and movement with each new stretch. Then moving on to my arms, some arms swings and rotations. My torso/hips, rotate with hands on my hips, lean forward to touch the ground, keeping my legs straight. I hang there for a bit and get lower with each deep breath until I can touch the ground. I do a couple of lunges on each leg. I sit down, some glute stretches, cat and cow pose, and child’s pose.

Amanda F.
Is when you stretch And you feel ready to get up , like the ones you do in bed , but it’s better to actually get up and stretch

Sebastian E.
Practice the world’s greatest stretch movement, then try to fold from standing position and touch your toes, later try to do a split and you are good to go!

Diana Q.
Are the feelings of joy and peace, when you stretch your whole body, contract all mucles and then release and feel the place and relaxation.

Brittany Z.
When I first got out of bed I am very achy and if I get up right away everything starts to crack my toes, my arms in my back I know it sounds kind of gross. If I do a few minutes of light stretches even if they are in bed once a day I won't feel a stiff for the whole day.

Wambui Y.
Stretches that activate blood flow…

I dance around abit then stretch with my right arm over to the left and dip my right hip to the right side… And vice versa.

Also arm bent over n behind the head. Thats a good one

Tiana S.
Some good morning stretches are downward dog, child’s pose, pigeon pose, and forward fold. I also like to do some neck stretches to avoid a sore neck or headache later in the day. Sometimes if i’m achey or sore in a specific area i’ll do some extra stretches for that area so I can feel looser throughout the rest of my day.

Nicholas Q.
Getting all the right points of cracking on fingers and arms. Making sure I get all the right spots and strech all the way all like a cat does.