Can I still do the splits regardless of my age? Am I too old to be that flexible? How long it takes?

Andrea J.
You should be consulting a medical practitioner as every one has a different body. One thing is for sure you should not expect yourself to be able to do so right away and it will take practice and daily stretching. As far as I’m concerned I’m sure that unless you have some related medical condition you will be able to do it or at least come very close to it. Best of luck!
Stella A.
I have the same question and have sought answers to this too. I found that the younger you are, the easier it is to do the splits, however, there us an average time it takes to do the splits and a longer than average time it will take to do the splits. It takes some people several months, even years, to gain flexibility, but I'm working on it every day. I use an app called splits training. I am in the middle of the beginner month, so I will just do intermediate and then hard if I am ready the third month. I do think it will take me longer than average time. Dont let your age discourage you. I'm 26 and am struggling a lot. Once you get to the one month mark, maybe get some exercise tools to help you. I will as long as I am still working on it by day 30