I need more stretching exercises!

Cl Mentine Q.
Yes! I love stretching, but would like a routine that starts with the neck and goes all the way down the body to the feet.
I would also like a stretch routine that works on doing the splits.
C Lian C.
I do feel my body change so much when I stop my exercise routine. I was a sport-freak before. And to make a start again it's hard, even for making it's as habits. But than my body change, I feel weak, easy to tired and sick, both my mental and physical. But yeah amid the hectic I think stretching can be good solutions to release the abundants. Hard exercise I will do on weekends.
Samir I.
I like just forward fold, knees a little bent, and trying to completely relax. Let my head and neck loosen completely, let my back rise and fall with deep breaths, and not try to force a "stretch" and then move on.
Silva J.
Well there’s planking, lunges, crunches, and jumping jacks are always good. There is an app called 7 which has a bunch of exercises that I personally use and recommend for everyone.
Thea C.
I would like to have more stretching exercises. I enjoy haveing Designated time carved out to stretch. I like to the stretch before and after mindful meditation and I’m working to increase my meditation thus for my stretching
Ella P.
Sometimes you can come up with your own stretches. Now that you have learned some, modify the intensity or change the angle… you can even change the part of the body you focus on during the stretch, but do not overstretch or do anything that feels more painful than gainful – if all else fails visit You Tube, you will have plenty to select from there.
Hans H X.
I normally do a lot of quad stretches. I have really tighter leg muscles especially because I have flat feet and overpronate. This means my leg muscles compensate for my feet weakness and I just do all sorts of stretches that feel right. One of my stretches is putting the ball of my feet on the wall and leaning forward 20 secs. on both sides. Toe touches with a flexed foot is great for all back leg muscles. Oh and inner thigh stretches like the butterfly are super great.