How do I warm up before stretching?

Amanda Bishop
Running or walking are great ways to warm up. If you enjoy dance or some other aerobic type exercise, doing that for a few minutes would be great. I do yoga as exercise most mornings, so I typically begin with some deep breathing and then ease into yoga stretches gently. Just relax, listen to your body, and never try to maintain or push into a painful stretch.

Marc Howard
To me, squats are the best way to warm up before stretching, since it gets your body ready for any kind of stretching. I also like doing jumping jacks and I jump with the jumping rope.

Amanda Burke
I start with gentle, slow rotations and circular stretches of the major muscles and joints. I do this until that group feels warm. Then I move to the next.
From the extremities to the core.

Cecil Richardson
You can do some jumping jacks that what we used to do in our karate club you can also rotate your arms and move your neck up then down then right and left
Do anything that makes you feel not stiff anymore something that brings your flexibility
You can also google it 😀
Good luck👍

Corentin Fleury
Stretching does not require a warm up it is the warm up to exercise if u feel tight move a little than stretch u really don't have to warm up

Benjamin Adams
I don’t usually have a warm-up time before stretching. Stretching itself is the warming up for starting thd day and the afternoon.

Felix Simmons
Start moving very slowly and gently. If you can walk for a minute or two and then start gently to move into your stretching movements, stretching more and more until you feel a good stretch. That’s how you can warm up your muscles.