What stretching routine do you like?

Christopher S.
I stretch my arms up and then tilt to each side. I stretch my arms behind me (usually I hear a pop then- so nice). Then I touch down to my toes (with a bend in my knees). I listen to where my body feels tight or sore and find a stretch that relieves that tightness. I don’t do a stretching routine like sun salutation until later in the day. I always make sure to keep my shoulders away from my ears and to stretch to a comfortable limit- never into pain. It’s a warmup for my body after being still so long with sleep. Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you!
Alberto O.
Personally I have to do a lot of hip and hamstring stretches. When and how often you stretch is more important than what stretches you do though. I find it best to stretch first thing after I wake up and last thing before bed. Find the stretches your body needs most and then commit to doing them every morning and night. You can even set that up in this app.
Milka X.
A routine that can incorporate all major muscle groups works best. If you’re sitting at your desk most the day, then something that gives more attention to hamstrings and back (including shoulders) would be appropriate. I’m moving around most of the day so I like stretches that include bending and hip rotation.
Neil Z.
I like to make sure that each part of my body has had a chance to stretch and move, and that by the end of the routine I feel like I have accomplished a goal, and set an intention for the day.
Cherly P.
I cycle loads, so always the 3 major leg stretches, then shoulders and arms, occasionally abs by leaning forward and back and twisting the waist. I'd say it really depends on what you're most actively doing and stretch accordingly.
Clara E.
I do a Yoga stretching routine. Starting with neck, shoulders, arms. Then, legs and back. Try to breath normaly during the routine. Do not hold your breath.
Alberte E.
For stretching, I always do whatever is comfortable in my environment. So, if I'm in the car, I stretch my arms, neck and ankles. If I'm at home, I stretch everything! It's all about doing what I can, where I can, to promote stretching becoming a regular habit. Stretch it out!
Carmela F.
I like the 10 minute routine on this app followed by some additional arm stretches because I am a boxer and my arms are often sore.