Should you push yourself hard?

Ramon F.
Yes. Get out of your comfort zone. There are things waiting, unexplored territory, that may or may not give you joy. You have to try. You have to take that shot. You owe it to yourself, to your growth.

William C.
Yes! The feeling after accomplishing something that seemed challenging is great. I, for example, never thought I could run a marathon. But I did it and now I’m looking forward to the next one. When you push yourself hard you see that you can accomplish great things. Everything is possible.

Ava J.
Not too hard. I tried to change my behavior a lot of times and I failed everytime because I tried to change too fast or too uncontrolled

Amber P.
I always pushed myself hard being a former high school and college athlete. As a coach foe 43 years I pushed players to always give their best effort if they want to achieve excellence. Now that I am a retired senior citizen my goals have changed Life long fitness Staying healthy are the priorities. workouts are more designed to achieve excellence in technique and safety rather than aerobic and anerobic conditioning excellence I push myself to to “show up “ and give my best which feels great when I am finished

Sascha C.
Yes whenever you need to, most especially at first because habit building can be tough when you don't push yourself hard enough to be consistent in putting work on those daily to-dos that can later on be keystone habits which creates a chain effect that produces a number of productive outcomes.

Sinaida Q.
Push yourself to the limit of in sustainable way. Push yourself to the limit in a way that you can continue to push yourself to the same limit everyday.

Glenda E.
Yes, when the situation warrants it. It’s good to set some goals for yourself that will stretch your capabilities. It helps you to grow and strengthens your determination, focus, and motivation to work toward completing your goals. Think “no pain-no gain”. It is immensely satisfying to work hard, give something your all and be successful. One of the best. feelings. ever.