How has stretching benefited you?

Cosme I.
Lo stretching è un benessere personale che ti permettere di muovere agilmente il tuo corpo, avere più equilibrio e allo stesso tempo rafforza i muscoli. I progressi nello stretching sono difficili da raggiungere però molto appaganti. Ti sentirai in pace col tuo corpo
Maya Y.
Stretching has enabled me not to feel stiff on the day I do it. I move easier. Then the next morning I don't wake as stiff or sore. The more often I stretch the better and better I feel each morning. Then one day I'll tell myself I can skip stretching. One day turns into two…then I'm stiff in the morning again! So I start stretching again. I even started doing a big stretch before I get out of bed. That tells me body I'm gonna stretch. Ever notice that dogs & cats stretch before getting up? Yep, I think they know something instinctively. 😉
Phillip W.
It relaxes my body, it wakes me up and helps me feel motivated for the day like I can take any challenges along the day, sort of.
Rene U.
I just do it to relax myself for sleep. Otherwise, I'm noy aware of any benefits it can do. In fact, higher flexibility makes you a slower runner, from what i remember of scientific studies I saw on that a whike back, and its also pretty controversial as to whether stretching can help prevent injury in athletes, though I cant remember the details on that. It may be that dynamic stretching can help while static stretching doesnt, but I cant remember.

For sleep, I do ManFlow Yoga's 10min sleep routine as found on youtube

Nicoline Y.
Stretching for me has actually changed every day for me because it gives me energy to go about my day.
Even if I just sift through a couple yoga poses for a minute or two, it really relaxes me and helps strengthen my muscles.
Stretching is key to a good workout, after workout, after sitting for extended periods of time, it’s great for keeping me loose for the day and calm.
In short, stretching helps me have a better life!
Philip P.
It gave me more energy, the feeling that the human body has so many resources to regenerate itself. I'm focusing on my sensations whilst making these stretchings to be aware of my physical limits and to try to overpass them. For example, I could never reach my feet toes with my hands, except if I bent my knees. Stretching might help me reach this limit.
Noah Y.
My daily routine is composed mainly of sitting. It is good to remember to stop an move your stiff body, as well as have a few minutes of rest for the brain