What is the best stretch that you have found?

Axel W.
Especially around the neck and shoulders. Bending over to touch your toes after leaning back is about a full stretch. And the sun greet from yoga.
Kelly O.
Laying flat on your back, slowly push your arms and legs as far out as you can reach them. Hold it for 10 seconds or until you feel sufficiently stretched out
Julia O.
Sitting on the floor with the soles of my feet together in front of me, I slowly lean forward until my head touches the carpet. It stretches your inner thighs and your back. I need to stretch my back as I have scoliosis and my back gets very stiff.
Alex F.
Lay on your back and pull your knees to your chest. Put yours out straight from your shoulders and put your knees up and lean them to the left then the right to loosen your back. Also to stand and touch your toes.
Clifford W.
I like stretching my calves the best, because calves tend to getting bulky during the day, so doing some sit and stretch (one foot folded to your other leg and the other leg straight out)is good
For more stretches, check out Emi Wong!
Albenise C.
The child pose is the best for me.
Its like the dolphin but its more if a bow and it really allows the back to open.
The hardest one is the longnkeg stretch. I need to work in that one but it sure does feel good.