When do I know the stretch pain is me stretching properly versus hurting myself?

Marjorie Hamilton
I dont think its supposed to hurt. If its hurting it might be to much the muscle is straining and tensing up. Relaxation with good breathing with the stretch will cause the muscle to be loose allowing the stretch to occur with a since of pleasure and ease

Evan Robin
Stretch until you feel mild discomfort but not beyond. Dynamic stretches, where the opposing muscle group contracts, are best.

Charlie Perkins
Stretching will feel tight, uncomfortable, sometimes it might even feel like its burning a bit. But if it's a sharp pain, ease out of the stretch back to a place where it's more tolerable. You don't have to be super bendy for stretching to help and flexibility will improve over time.

Bob Gibson
I think you should stop a little after you feel the "pain" and keep that position, not more. But the pain has to be something bearable

Amelia Meyer
If you are stretching after an intense workout or the day after you did some strength exercise you haven’t done before, you are going to feel pain during stretching. If you haven’t done it strenuous, you should not feel pain if you’re stretching properly.

Udo Lechner
I'm not a physical therapist but I don't think stretching should really hurt… If you're worried that you're hurting yourself, I'd say back off a little bit and breathe into the stretch, relaxing deeper into it with your exhale if possible.

Kate Russell
if it hurts a little bit but not a ton, then you’re good. if it hurts a lot and it feels like the pain goes deep, stop and let up a bit.

Sofia Olsen
As far as I can say stretch pain should be so slight that you can easily take it and after 5 to 10 breaths it becomes less or go away. So you never should feel sharp pain. If you only begin stretching do it little by little, without fanatism.