What is your favourite way to stretch?

Marcus T.
In the mornings I like to stretch when I'm still on my bed, I stretch my body as trying to reach the edges of the bed with my hands and feet, it feels good and helps to push myself to get up haha. Then I get up stretching my body, arms, legs, touching my feet, twisting my neck and shoulders. 🙂
Roberta Z.
I love doing the sun salutation in the morning. It's a modified version of the yoga sequence which covers basically all the major joints and muscles in the body.
It's good to lay the yoga mat on the floor of your bedroom so you can just roll onto it first thing in the morning and start to stretch.
Galina U.
I have some stability issues, so I do mine seated. Leg extensions, over head stretches to the left and right. Making sure to breath correctly. Feels so good.
Donald O.
I’ve always wanted to be flexible enough to lie on my leg while wrapping my hands around the sole of my foot. I saw some girls do it in gym and was like yep. That’s gonna be me! So I like to stretch by sitting and stretching one leg at a time in a V shape.