When is the best stretching time. (Morning, afternoon, or at night)

Catherine T.
good morning is always best for everything, once you've done that you have the rest of the day ahead of you than most people have not even woken up yet. It's the most empowering time to have completed anything.

Rebecca J.
anytime! whenever you have time to stretch it’s the best time! however, i like to stretch right after i get up to start my day.

Corey T.
Probably in the afternoon so then you can loosen from the morning at the end of the afternoon is best but do it at day afternoon and night to see what is right for you but I recommend the afternoon. 💖

Amelia O.
On the morning sounds great for me. I'm starting my day with a rigid body. By activating all my body muscles I feel more energetic and flexible after and go on for my day with a better feeling. Activate your wonderful machinery for a good start!