What’s the best 5 minute stretching routine for a classic desk jockey?

Stacey C.
(Sorry if there are some mistakes in this message, I’m French so I’m not sure if all this message is totally correct, sorry for that)
Here are some exercices that I use to do when I’m stretching in the morning :
– stand up with your legs straight and try to touch the ground with your hands
– sit down and with your legs straight, try to touch your feet (don’t need to touch them absolutely, just try to go as far as you can whitout causing pain)
– lay on the ground and cross your legs. Take the under leg with your hands and approach both legs to your face. Breathe for 10 seconds (you can adapt the time, you see) and loosen your arms. Repeat 3 times or more if you want, and don’t forget to change the upper leg.

Here they are ! I hope it satisfied you (and sorry again if there are some mistakes), thank you for this app and I wish you a very good day !

Hakuna Matata 😉