How do you stretch to relieve stiffness in the neck?

Jovan E.
Start by touching your ear to shoulder (or as close as you can without pain) hold for 30 sec. Switch sides & hold for 30. If you wanna go further point your chin to the sky. Hold for 30, then tuck your chin into your chest until stretch is felt in back of neck. If you feel not enough of stretch use hands to apply slight bit more pressure
Whittles O.
I usually start with neck circles, then I like to assist my neck (by gently placing my hand on my head) while I look up down last and right. Then I do circles again.
J W.
To relieve stiffness in the neck I follow the instructions of my physical therapist. If you don't have a physical therapist you can find instructional videos online.
Rick S.
Stretching is such a blessing. I start with my hands and I put them behind my head. The neck is connected with the spine therefore any kind of stretching in the shoulders and any movement that helps me ease the pain there is food for the neck. Most of all, I try to keep my head up, like a rope from the sky is holding my neck straight
Claire Z.
Long hold stretches for a minute each with subtle movements to feel where your body is really holding the strain and give it a chance to release. Both sides separately and gently and then hands behind your head pushing forward and your neck pushing back.
Ang Le Y.
I’m constantly stretching to relieve the stiffness in my neck. Side stretches, arm stretches, stretching my back, etc., etc.
Hannah F.
To stretch my neck ( especially in the mornings and at night before bed ) I find it helpful to gently circle my neck around. Imagine drawing a circle with your nose. Do this slowly in one direction at first and then in the other direction. Also sitting with your spine straight and bringing your ear down towards your shoulder and placing the hand closest to that ear on top of your head gently and pulling that ear down a little further towards your relaxed shoulder feels amazing. Repeat on the other side. To increase the last stretch, try crawling your other arm out to the side away from your body slowly while the other hand is on top of your head. Enjoy!