How do you stay motivated to keep on going?

Romeu P.
I see the change happening for me, I take time to notice that change and I feel that change. I feel and look better – and I attribute this change to my new habits with Fabulous. I dream of how I feel look and feel in the future. And I have begun realising that my new healthy habits are my “Dharma”, simply things I do without thinking about it, it’s like the beating of the heart; they just happen. Go, friend, find your “Dharma”! ❤️
Wanda Z.
I like to read and think of how I want to be and how I would like to develop into a better person. But I like to take my time and not stress over the process.
Frederica S.
I don’t with everything, I do know if you really love what you are doing it’s easier to hold motivation to do something for a long period of time. If you believe that you can make a positive change without actually seeing proof of it every day but believe eventually you will get the outcome you want over time and you can remind yourself regularly of that… it’s helpful