Do you have a good foot stretch?

Francisco E.
In a sitting position, point toes then flex toes toward you. Repeat a few times. Then wit feet in a neutral position, stretch out the toes, pivot feet side to side. Repeat a few times.
Rachel E.
The easiest/best stretch for me is standing at the bottom of a staircase on the front step with the ball of your foot and let your body gently sink back on its weight. It stretches your ankles and calves more but the foot definitely gets a good stretch in!
محجوب حسن N.
*Rolling a golf ball under the feet can help to relieve discomfort in the arches and ease pain associated with plantar fasciitis
*Walking barefoot on sand is a great way to stretch and strengthen the feet and calves. This is a good exercise in general because sand’s soft texture makes walking more physically demanding.
*Place the toes on the short side of towel. Try to grasp the towel between the toes and pull it toward oneself. Repeat the exercise five times..