What is your 1 minute stretch routine?

Alfredo F.
I don't really time it, but I stretch my arms over my head, then across my chest. I pull back my hands to stretch my wrists, then do some twists to stretch out my back. Then I just stretch and wiggle whatever still feels stiff or achey.
Veronica J.
Basic Yoga Positions such as Warrior 1 & 2, Forward Bend, Lunge, Neck Isometrics, Side Stretch. Etc. I rarely stretch for just one minute. Stretching is gratifying. It relieves pain and makes me happy 😃.
Damien E.
When I wake up, I stretch my quads and calves while brushing my teeth. 30 seconds each side. If I feel I need more, I do one of the quick AM stretch routines on Gaia.
Clifford U.
I mainly stretch my neck and shoulders because when i wake up they are very stiff and they actually hurt when i move them. I also do some back and leg stretching but i focus mainly on the neck and the breathing
Cecilie Z.
I do a forward fold on each leg then both at the same time, reclined pigeon on both legs and a quad stretch. Actually takes about 5 mins but worth it!
Victoria T.
I lay down and stretch one leg as far up and close to my head as I can, then I swap legs. I also do a split. And touch the "sky" and then my toes.