Will it be more enjoyable if you do stretch habit with someone?

Madelaine Q.
I find it more enjoyable to stretch on my own. I use that opportunity to find peace within myself and calm my brain prior to going to bed, and personally, having someone else complete it with me would distract me.

Joselina E.
It all depends on you; everything in life is a trail and error, you have to test what ways works better for you. For some people they enjoy their time with just themselves and other people actually enjoy stretching, working out with a partner and/ or friend. It all depends on your presence and which one you actually feel is more enjoyable.

Elliot P.
Actually no. I really don't even have a confident to work with somebody else. But except once when I am with my teammates since I have to work out with them. But generally, I won't enjoy it.

Lauren N.
Yes, from my opinion I think stretching with someone else makes you more motivated. I suggest to keep stretching with someone to benefit your health.

Cassandra Y.
I don’t think so. They might have to stretch a body part a little longer than you will need to. Everyone’s body is different.

Jo Y.
Absolutely, especially if it’s your partner! It can be a fun competition, how low can you go vs your partner. It fills the habit with laughter.

Maria Z.
I totally enjoy stretching by myself. A lot. I love it… it makes my feel my body in a deeper way, so I've never thought about getting a stretching mate. But if you don't enjoy it much and want to share it with somebody, I think this could help you to like it more. So, yes!

Jazzy Y.
If the other person helps keep me motivated then yes it would be more enjoyable but sometimes other people are not on the same level and their laziness can be contagious.

Martino E.
It depends on you’re own personality and level of competitiveness, but overall I think it’s fun to stretch with a friend! It can help the both of you make sure you’re doing things right and gives you a bit more security and safety if you’re trying something new that might be difficult or cause you to lose balance and fall.

Alex Z.
Would I be focusing on the stretch or the other person. The point is not to just stretch, but to reflect and mentally unwind.

Margot M.
I personally do not like to stretch with another person because they tend to distract me or slow me down. I do like to do yoga with a friend or a family member though.

Hon Ria F.
Maybe. That depends on you and whether you find someone being there helpful or not. With a partner you could do partner stretches you can't do by yourself.