How long did it take you to start noticing a difference?

Andrea Y.
I started out with a big list of habits, had to re-arrange them or even remove some based on how motivated I was to actually do them (at the time I set out to do them). I think it took about 2 weeks or so until I believed I saw improvements.
Trish C.
I was in a few accidents so it was harder for me to start doing just due to the pain I felt in the morning, but after three or four days I noticed a big change in that my body needed for me to stretch as it started feeling a bit better or not as tight and also helped motivate me to get walking sooner in the morning, hope that helps you!
Michael F.
I still don't see a big difference… And that unmotivated me a little… But I trust I'll notice the differences after a longer time.
Salma N.
Well this is a good question and I know the perfect answer. It just took A NIGHT!!! For real. Once I settled down my habits, alarms and routine in the main page I woke up the next day feeling productive! I never knew doing my bed was important till today! I did all the habits I settled for myself the night before cuz I was SO motivated bcuz of the app design and looks so at the end of the day I was happy like never before cuz I did ALL my goals and I focused on bug things I wanted to do. Fabulous is just FABULOUS!!♡♡♡