How long do you normally stretch for ?

Lia Q.
Ideally you should stretch longer if tou just did sports or exercise (10 minutes). However, a one minute daily stretch is enough to improve your flexibility. Start off small and build your way up while staying comfortable! Enjoy the stretch!
Kiara Z.
Usually just a couple minutes. I don't stretch to be fit, I stretch to feel less crunched up and improve my flexibility. Takes less than 5 minutes.
Shelly Y.
Depends on the workout I had the day before. If it was very intense, I'll take about 15/20 minutes to stretch and feel good. If it was minimal strain, I spend about five to ten minutes doing basic stretching.
Jesus T.
For anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending upon my activity level. If I feel stiff I devote more time to static stretching.
Bill N.
I usually stretch for anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes. If I need to do more after that then I just do it whenever I feel like it.
Terrence O.
This really depends on what my body feels like. Some days after an exercise session I will stretch for about 5-10 mins but I know my body functions best with a longer, deeper stretch like 30 mins for example or a yoga session to really loosen the muscles and relax!
Elna S.
About five minutes. I usually do two rounds of stretching — legs, back, arms, neck and then legs, back, arms, neck. If I feel a sore spot or something that needs to be stretched again, I’ll add more time.
Qu Nia A.
Not too long. About 5 slow minutes when I wake up then a few times throughout the day when I feel my body getting restless from sitting. I bought a "stretching" book so its very specific and I know how to target the muscles I want.
Marius E.
I usually hold each stretch for at least 15 to 30 seconds. I also do a variety of stretches each night. Whatever feels good and as long as it ends up being a full body stretch routine.