On average, how many minutes do you like to stretch before starting your day to feel energized and awake?

Ingeburg O.
It depends on how much time I ACTUALLY have- it can be anywhere from 5-11 minutes. I often start by telling myself sleepily that I don’t have enough time, so I SAY I will only do 2 minutes. Once I get going, I keep going! It feels so good, and I start to wake up more.
Norah S.
In theory, i stretch for 15 minutes before journaling and planning for 20 mins, learning for 20 mins, playing piano for 20 minutes, then 20 mins driving to intense 45 minutes of exercise at F45. In reality, 20 seconds.
David W.
20 minutes- mountain pose moving towards other yoga stretches; specific foot exercises as I recover from surgery; neck, shoulders & face!
Anna O.
Usually first I take a work around 5am for like 10 minutes. And spent same amount of time for the stretch. Plus I walk to work – it's almost around 10 to 15 minutes. Nonetheless on weekends it's different.
Jorge A.
The timer automatically sets to 1 minute, but that doesn’t feel like enough. I struggle to stay on my mat for more than 15 minutes when I do yoga in the morning. So the ideal amount of stretching/yoga for me is probably around 10 minutes.
Erico P.
Each morning is different. Some stretches are start in bed, continue on a yoga mat in the lounge. Doorways are good for upper body. 5 min max.