What are good stretches that won’t injure your back, for someone with back pain?

Mason S.
I would try laying down on your back and stretching from there. Use small movements in your limbs to see how much you're able to do. Maybe lifting one leg at a time upward and then try slight hip lifts and rotation. Then bring each arm across your chest to stretch those as well. Proceed with caution though and consult with your doc for further advice!
Tina S.
I do not have back pain, so I can't answer this with certainty, but I would think that any leg stretches on the ground or floor shouldn't hurt too much.
Amelia N.
Experiment with any stretch. Only move into a position that you feel a really slight stretch. Then hold in that position for 30 seconds. You shouldn't feel any pain, only a slight stretch.
Silvana R.
My physical therapist gave me a home exercise routine to do for my neck and back conditions. If you have back problems, it would be better to get direction from a professional.