When is the most important time to stretch?

Marilise T.
It’s important to stretch everyday, so whenever you are most likely to do it! First thing in the morning after a small bit of exercise is a great time. That way your muscles will be warm and less prone to injury.
Kitty P.
For me, I need to stretch right after waking up in the morning & again during my evening wind down routine.
In the morning, I wake up with a stiff back, hips & shoulders. Sometimes I can barely walk before getting those stretches in. Taking the time to loosen up my achy joints and soften the muscles helps me to feel more able-bodied for the rest of my day.
In the evening, stretching helps to relieve all the tension I've been holding on to all day. It brings relaxation. It also helps me to wake up less sore the next morning!
Yvonne G.
Realistically, after your body has warmed up a bit. I do it in the morning after I get up and get moving, to get the night kinks out.
Lea P.
I've noticed that a simple yoga strech routine in the morning really hekps wake your body up, so I would totally recommend that. Also, right before any excercise ever.
Hannah U.
The most important time to stretch is the morning. Your body had just rested for 8 hours and stretching will ease your body into waking up. Also, stretching before working out gets the body moving for an injury free strong workout. I also stretch after my work out before my muscles tighten up.
Lillie W.
I think personally it’s better for me to stretch in the morning because it wakes me up and prepares me for the day. It’s also important to stretch before all exercises to prevent injuries.