What sort of deep work do others do?

Marine F.
I generally work on my weaker sections of my syllabus and doing it with a cup of coffee can really increase your stamina

Mille P.
I’m a data scientist, so for me Deep Work is writing software, solving problems on paper, and writing reports. I don’t include reading without note taking, talking to people or calling, or really mindless documentation (have to make a judgment call on that).

Bertram W.
It can be a book I am reading or an article. Also I am learning something new Italian for example.Whatever you do isn’t important just do it concentrating for 25 mn is important. For me it is harder than it sounds.

Clinton S.
I am doing some studying so i can go to the uni next year. Some times i do some cleaning and getting rid of stuff that no longer serve me

Norman E.
Track budget, email in box to zero, plan out errands, menu planning, grocery list/online order to pick up, various tasks for my business, vacation planning.

Carl E.
I like to make that type a deep dive into my plan for the day. It really helps to align with my goals for the day and to be intentional about how i use my time.

Anita P.
My job is pretty tech-centric, so I tend to do some programming or project planning. It’s easier for me to shift into other modes, whether that’s computer languages or agile project management early in the mornings.