My deep work routine is regularly on my computer and at home. What is the best setup to get into full focus mode?

Clyde Z.
My routine is regularly at work and on my computer. I always use the bathroom and get water and/or coffee before I sit down to work. I close the door, and try to let coworkers know this is time for me to focus on what I feel needs to get done. It also helps if I think of 3 things I want to accomplish during the day, and I work to get them done during that time.
Xavier O.
If the work doesn't require the internet, put the computer in airplane mode. That way it won't bug you for WiFi connection and you might get less distracted. Keep some sort of drink nearby before starting the deep work, make sure you're comfy, shut the door if you live with other people. If you do need WiFi for the work and have tabs open that you don't want to exit out of, open a new browser or do it in incognito mode, so that the only stuff on screen is the stuff you need to focus on. Find a good long playlist of music/podcast that you can mostly ignore, preferably with no ads so it won't get you aggravated, and set it in the background, preferably minimized. If you're using this app for the timer, set it far enough away that you can't easily grab it, but close enough to still hear it