When did you move up from 25 minutes of deep work to a longer deep work session?

Margie O.
as a mom 25 m if I can stick to it is good enough for me 🙂
Maybe in summer I can do longer sessions and learn new skill every few weeks 🙂
Clara Z.
By notlooking at the time while I am in a deep work session I usually work for much longer periods of time. The hardest part is starting your task with a plan.
Romana E.
I find it’s more about what you do than how long. Sure, some tricks help: listening to music, keeping distractions away – but if something is engrossing, you stick to it, such as figuring out a gimmicky work task that glitches your whole project.

But if I’m doing something I know it’s boring – such as finishing a certain book, I literally put an alarm of 25 min just so my brain will stop going ‘are we there yet?!’

I advise breaks.

Rufino P.
It's difficult for me to move up to a longer session. To start I often use the 25 minutes. After that I do sessions of 45 minutes for i'll need a 15 minutes break after this work. If I work for longer sessions I need much longer breaks. So this way I ensure I work in time slots of 1 hour. Nice for the agenda as well. 😉