How do you start your most procastrinated tasks?

Siegmund J.
It is hard. Wheather is cold, mood is not ready, other tasks are waiting… I actually can only be motivated by deadlines, perfectly if it is a couple of weeks from now.
Mandy U.
Fabulous! I check Fabulous faithfully. Having Multiple Sclerosis, Fabulous has helped me more than I can put into words, with organization and reminders to do things that most people take for granted. I know I have to stay on track as I will overlook the obvious on a task later in the day so I have to make up lost time before I even lose it. Also, I have a beautiful Service Dog for which I’m so grateful and I know his future depends on my taking care of myself so he and my gratitude for my life provides motivation for that which I can do. At the same time, I do have to balance energy and wisdom when it comes to pushing through. Pushing through for an MS patient can cause setbacks so it’s important to do all I can and recognize my limitations. If motivation is a chronic challenge for you as it was for me, would encourage you to have some basic tests done, Vit D level, hormone levels, Thyroid levels and exam. If nothing shows, have them look at your brain after ruling out depression. Think of any hits or falls you may have had. We all too often take our brains for granted when in fact, our brains are about the consistency of eggs. Pretty fragile. If it’s only situational motivation with which you struggle, I wouldn’t worry about it. Think of specifics around it to see if you can work through it or if you can afford it, hire a life coach or use your Life Team to give you thoughts and feedback. If you don’t have a life team, get one! It’s invaluable to both have your own and sit on others teams, as well. And don’t forget to make a positive memory imprint when trying to motivate. You’ll get there. Enjoy life while you’re doing it. 😀
Margita T.
Make task smaller as possible and play asmr video in YouTube during the work for easing pain. It helps when the work is so painful to focus.
Sybilla U.
I’m new to doing this. But I put them on my to do list for the day, I pick three items from that list to commit to (of which one would be the long procrastinated item), and then I write out that commitment on paper. “I commit to X”. I also write out how long I will allocate in the day to do it.
L Via F.
I pick up my phone and open up social media and read through everything which results in talking to friends, watching videos, etc. Additionally, as a news junkie, I open up basically any news outlet website and I’m automatically sucked in. News/politics and social media are the bane of my existence.
Apolline C.
I start by writing a list of the tasks I need to do. I start by doing the ones that take less time to complete so that the task list gets shorter in a fewer time. Tricking my mind that I am being productive very fast. This is motivating for me. Doing the easy chores first.
Felecia U.
This is a consience clause (moral question)! As I have problems with it. Mostly I wait untill it gets too urgent. Would like help with this question too!