What is your favorite way to study?

Jennie X.
The favorite way for me is to put a schedule that makes me know what I have to study, I start and I sometimes put on some calm music for studying, it makes me feel soooo calm. I start studying in the noon till the night. So I finish everything.

林燕 N.
Paraphrase and visualise. I need visualisation to help me focus. I also convert text to audio when I just cannot focus. But most of the time, a stretch or wander a little around my room works the best. I guess it’s relaxing the brain muscle so that it can get to work again.

Foxrain K.
Using the Pomodoro technique: study for 25 minutes without interruptions, then take a 5-minute break. After 2 hours, take a longer break (15 minutes.)

I have set up the focus mode on my phone to activate every work day at the same time. I only check my phone on breaks. I listen to music while studying, but it may be distracting for some people. 😁

Marina Q.
Before I study I always clean my room and prepare a tea to drink while studying. Most of the times I try to be with my friend and study together. If I am alone I listen to music. If you do this method remember that the music is just a beat because words can distract you. If I have to learn something I read again before bed and this helps me to remember it the next day. That's all. ヾ(^-^)ノ