What is your favorite way to study?

Amna N.
I like to pay attention in class so I only have to revise. I I have a test coming up I like to write organized notes. But I always leave it for last minute

Florence N.
I take notes and often reorganise content visually , a mind map for example. I prefer pen and paper because it’s faster and more flexible then digital. If I want to add a circle, an arrow, a star, add some colour, I will do it on paper. I find it useful to take breaks and revisit content as I will see things I didn’t see in the first place. But it’s also important to get an uninterrupted flow so I often set a timer to make sure I stay focused.

Jennie X.
The favorite way for me is to put a schedule that makes me know what I have to study, I start and I sometimes put on some calm music for studying, it makes me feel soooo calm. I start studying in the noon till the night. So I finish everything.

Andreea Q.
I'm the type of person that can't concentrate on a spoken lesson so I like reading the material. Sometimes, when I think the material didn't quite made me understand the lesson I search the Internet for more information. After I read the material and I think I got a hold on the lesson I try to exercise my knowledge on the lesson. That way I know for sure that a won't forget what I just learnt.

Amna N.
In general, I prefer to study with music and in a room where nothing disturbs me and distracts me. I usually study for tests in the morning before the test or rewrite the material the day before. On the other hand, I don't like it when I study with someone at the same time, except my best friend, I like to learn with her, because we respect each other and don't interfere, we just complement each other's knowledge.

Elvino Q.
I take a lot of notes when it comes to studying, using my visual memory to remember things and in the middle of a test I can easily visualise the paper where the information was written. I also play some specific music to keep me focused. And unless I want to take an eternity to finish, I put the phone away and make sure there are no other ways of distraction.

Foxrain K.
Using the Pomodoro technique: study for 25 minutes without interruptions, then take a 5-minute break. After 2 hours, take a longer break (15 minutes.)

I have set up the focus mode on my phone to activate every work day at the same time. I only check my phone on breaks. I listen to music while studying, but it may be distracting for some people. 😁

Teodomiro C.
I like putting on music that doesn’t have lyrics. I put on a timer for 15, 30, or however many minutes I can handle, and do my assignments.

林燕 N.
Paraphrase and visualise. I need visualisation to help me focus. I also convert text to audio when I just cannot focus. But most of the time, a stretch or wander a little around my room works the best. I guess it’s relaxing the brain muscle so that it can get to work again.

Amna N.
For me, I use many different study methods. Everyone is different, so I tested a few and decided on the method which worked best for me. I personally use Quizlet, an online app which is great for revision in definitions or flash cards. Some prefer look, cover, write, check though. Others may choose to write notes on cards and place them around their house instead.

Marina Q.
Before I study I always clean my room and prepare a tea to drink while studying. Most of the times I try to be with my friend and study together. If I am alone I listen to music. If you do this method remember that the music is just a beat because words can distract you. If I have to learn something I read again before bed and this helps me to remember it the next day. That's all. ヾ(^-^)ノ

Ryn R.
Oh my gosh this is the best question!! I love love love getting all sorts of fancy pens and notebooks and going all out on rewriting my bland boring notes into fantastic looking, memorable new ones. Writing again cements the topic in your brain and making them look cool helps you remember. Have a FABULOUS day bud

Jenny J.
I can quickly get tired of working in the same place for a while, so I try to change it up by having different workspaces. If you work from home, perhaps find a different spot to work in (like a living room, kitchen table, patio, porch, etc.); if you're able to work away from home, try a coffee shop or library.

Kim B.
Studying becomes less of a burden when I get to see it in a more exciting way, and this happens as soon as I begin to understand what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I don't know why but it's so satisfying when I finally get a complicate notion and I can explain it smoothly. So I would say that I don't have a precise favourite way of learning stuff, but that for me the easiest method has always been loving what I have to study under one or more of the many aspects available and allowing myself to be proud of what I've achieved.

Erin N.
u must be in the mood before designed to study
and when u now in the mood, u have to prepare a cup of water or anything u like and dont forget to turn on music