My mind wanders a lot whenever I work and many times I catch myself procrastinating and daydreaming. How should I tackle this?

Jeanette T.
Keep a notebook close by to right down the thoughts/daydreaming and the things you want to procrastinate on. Doing g that helps me to think twice about what I am doing and realize I need to get back to my real work. If there is something important then I have it written down to remember for later after I am finished working.
Malo S.
Just be conscious of it and remind yourself to get back to the task at hand. You can say “thinking” to yourself when that happens and focus on the task.
Joanna W.
If you find yourself procrastinating that’s OK. But make sure that your block of time moves out a little further until you actually start working. Make sure you get the full block of time of work. Sometimes you need to contemplate other things before you can get into the mood of working or writing or whatever you’re doing. But then you need to tell yourself that this is for your own good and you want to MoveOn because you want to get to bigger and better things
Anna Z.
I find taking breaks every 30 minutes allows me to concentrate during the times I have allotted for working. I set a timer so I don’t have to think about when the break is coming up. If I do daydream, that’s a good thing because it’s very creative. Just go back to your regular work when you become aware of it.
Herminia F.
My view on daydreaming as one of my dream, sometimes I dreamed what I want for the future, if I daydreaming I don't want it takes my time