What does deep work mean to you? Do you write, sit quietly and let your mind wander? I’m a creative type so I wonder what others consider deep work.

Jordan U.
To me, deep work is just doing what you have to do, whether it's your personal task list or your job. Just getting your head down and not being distracted.
Stella T.
Deep work is about focus for me. Generally, it's when I block out distractions at work and get my most important task of the day done. Same in my personal life, I get away to a cafe without the distractions of home and dig into my current project for a few hours. I always feel my best when I accomplish this kind of deep work. I feel successful.
Wenzel B.
For me deep work means to focus ONLY on the most unpleasant task I have in list: it could be a ripetitive activity, or to do a boring call, or to deal with a coworker who doesn’t want to collaborate
Quila P.
I decide daily what deep work means to me that day. Sometimes it's accomplishing proactively at work (for example, putting together a presentation, setting an agenda for important meeting, checking status updates), or sometimes my deep work is spending time on a personal hobby (calligraphy, practicing art).