Do you work out?

Andrey J.
Yes. 3 times a week I exercise. I created a workout schedule to which I try to stick to at any cost unless there is something that I have to attend urgently.
Janet U.
I try my best to jog every week despite the winter, and go to a jump station with my siblings every Wednesday.
My compromise to work out is do something fun! I love rock climbing, jogging, hiking and parkour!
Try one of these and see if you have fun with one of them!
When in doubt tho, do the 7 minute workout with a friend and see who can do it better! Try to be competitive with your workouts!
Best of wishes to you, friend! ๐Ÿ˜˜
Pedro T.
Not right now. I used to be disciplined and exercise everyday for a few months. However, I quit doing the routines after completing the journey. I think I am the type that stop carry on when I felt a sense of achievement. This is the biggest obstacle that I need to overcome.
Astrid W.
I work out with weights twice a week and do a yoga class +3 hikes a week or more. If I keep this up consistently I feel fantastic and things donโ€™t hurt
William A.
No, I walk dogs for a living so I naturally get a work out. I am going to start training for a Marathon soon and am going to start running either after work or early in the morning