What kinds of tasks do you consider deep work? And how long do you dedicate to them?

Malle T.
I consider deep work when I do any activity with no distractions, it could be reading, painting, drawing or studying something, like for example, reading a book I enjoy or studying something for my school… And about the duration, I consider it could be since 20 minutes until 2 hours with small breaks.
Jill E.
For now i have do my works it's kkn reasearch. I choose this work because i think it's easier than other the other kind of works. My topic is positive psychotherapy which is about happines and how happines make immune system more strong to fight covid-19
Saba J.
Painting, whether it's a full peice or an art study, writing and reading. Also business work and learning something new. I dedicate at least 25 mins but take as long as I need or as long as I can if my schedule full.
Lindsay N.
My singing practice and as the prep work I do for my teaching job are what I consider deep work. I set the timer for 30 minutes, but often find myself wanting to go longer – for 45 to 60 minutes at a time. But having the timer as a reminder to reset and come back to the task later is very helpful.
Raymond O.
Personal projects and learning. Typically, my deep work includes coding, volunteer project/event planning, reading, and college coursework. I typically sit down for 30min-1hr.
Roland Y.
Usually I consider my new habits as deep work. I take it as a goal. And I try my best to achieve the goal.
Not more than an hour, it may be 30 minutes or 45 or may be 15. It doesn't matter.
Jeremias P.
The task i don't want to do because of laziness.And when i do it i don't count on the time but focus on whether i FINISH it.
Betty Y.
Honestly for me deep work depends on the person and I know that's cliche but it's true. I'm a Dietary Supervisor at work and I use my deep work time to plan menus, go over schedules, truck orders, things like that…but I have used deep work time to plan my budget, balance my checkbook or reflect on my life and get my mindset back on track. So it depends on you and what you need to focus all your attention on for about 25-45 minutes out of the day to accomplish. I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey. 😊🧚‍♀️🌹
Jennifer C.
Working through my to do list. Much of it is at the computer. Thinking about allowance for this kids, how to teach about money and responsibilities as well as motivation. Also working on business content.
Hauke F.
Honestly, for me, deep work means literally working. I work from home and I don't consistently work, so setting aside one hour to consistently work is considered deep work for me.
Kp N.
Putting together packets, or gifts.

Planning and organizing.

Meal planning

Planning parties and making menus.