I have found that it’s difficult to complete the deep work habit as mindfully as the earlier tasks like water, breakfast, and exercise. I guess blocking distractions is a big part of getting this to be a more regular part of my routine but do you have any other suggestions so that I might complete this task more regularly?

Naja W.
Break work down into laughably small steps so you're never thinking what to do next, fully execution mode. Write it down so you don't even have to remember the next step. Read and do, read and do.
Allen S.
Being conscious about my breathing for a few minutes before starting helps me. As soon as I start, time passes by without me being bugged by it and even if the timer sets off I can keep on going
Miriam Z.
I put the in the afternoon but sometimes do it in the evening when I want credit for focused work or I want to focus on something like cleaning the kitchen.
Carl U.
Work for 25 minutes , take a break for ten and then go back for 25 more minutes. Two or theee blocks of 25 minutes will produce deep work. Use the app Forest to plant a tree
Irene T.
I am fortunate in that I work at home, and I am alone during the day. So I only have to block my Skype, texts, and email. I simply turn them all to silent/do not disturb/off. Then I time myself.

When my family is home, it gets harder because I am constantly distracted then. When this happens, I first let them know I will be unavailable and ask if there is anything they need from me before I become unavailable. If they need something, I attend to it. Then I put headphones on so I can’t hear them (because noise really distracts me). I often still gets distracted in this case, but I just keep trying!

Patrick J.
Once the deep work is narrowed into small pieces of tasks, then it may be easier to knocked off. Maybe try focus only 5 minutes at a time, then celebrate with a yoga pose, then the next 5 minutes, and another yoga pose?
Edna Q.
Hello my friend! I had this same issue. I tried several methods like exercising, eating a healthy lunch before hand, meditating, basically anything I thought of that was ultimately distracting me from my goal and doing it before hand. The trick that worked for me was to actually listen to a song, and only focus on that for those (approx) four minutes. It helped me slowly build up my ability to focus for deep work. Nothing worth having is easy so keep at it!
Jason J.
The night before, decide what you want to accomplish first thing in the morning. Then set up that task on your desk…a book you want to read or articles or a notebook to write in.

Perhaps budget time for deep work before breakfast or exercise (1-2 hours) and use the gym or breakfast as your reward.

Odara A.
It is not really a suggestion but just how I do, I hope it can help you. Currently I am working to get a PMP certification in six months, while working from 8 am to 6 p.m.. I am married so when I get home, I need to leave some time for my wife, so one can say there is no much time to study. But I know at work there are some leisure times, before I spent them on YouTube, browsing the internet. To reach my objective I decided to spend that time studying instead of browsing. Most of the leisure time I had is now filled with study, and it happens a lot of times during my work day. And when home, since my wife is aware of my objective, she leaves me some time to focus my study. With this I can easily spend a total of 2 discrete hours of deep work, focusing on my objective. My advice would be find an objective really meaningful, something you value, something you know is a valuable investment, force your brain to consider it as a life saving task and you'll be able to easily get to it for more or less extended focused sessions.
Vivan E.
Don’t listen to music. Find a quiet corner and put your phone out of reach. Have nothing in front of you other than a pencil and what you need to work on.
Jessie J.
Prioritize what you have to do first and then do one step at a time. Then once you are finished with that then go to the next thing.
Floyd S.
Distractions differ from person to person if you ask me. You can try and use music, sounds even movies as a help to focus. Personally I work and focus better when there’s sound.
Leona P.
Well, depends on what your set goal of work that day is. Sometimes is more difficult to achieve bit if you set to a small amount of time guess its more ieasy to start and of course blocking distractions is prime