How to start to do Deep Work if you have a very little spare time?

Chris Z.
For myself, deep work includes what my goals are for the day.
Danny U.
Focus on the thing you want to do most like homework or anything else and then you can do your Deep work in that spare time
Augustin I.
Its important to not blame yourself for what is out of your hands. tell yourself you will be able to make up the work and adjust your plans later. for now just do your best with what youve got šŸ˜œ
Laurie F.
Deep work is not about your spare time, but about your work time. It's not an additional activity, for which you have to add extra time in your schedule. It's about reorganizing your schedule, so that you have a continuous block of uninterrupted single-theme work. And it's saving time, because you don't have to spend it to context switching.
Louane E.
1. Make a list of tasks. Collect your "open loops".
2. Decide your priorities
3. Choose your "single task"
4. Plan your work (within time constraints)
5. Block distractions
6. DEEP WORK for as long as you have… Even 5 minutes is better than nothing
James E.
Promise yourself "I'll just do five minutes." Often this will lead to 30 min or sometimes an hour of work.
Asta C.
Set yourself up for greatness first, for instance, if your deep work is to work on writing a paper then go ahead and grab everything that is require to write your paper. This already primes you and gets you in the mindstate of working, the next thing that you want to do is get rid of all distractions. Put your phone on dont disturb, grab a timer and set you up a time that is efficient for you. Use that time and focus on what you want to accomplish in that amount of time. You'll be amazed on how much you can accomplish!
Naomi T.
I try to pick something I feel like I can achieve in the amount of time I have. Sometimes its checking the schedules I make for my employees and if I run out of time I write down what I still have to do so I can pick it up again later.