What do you do when you just can’t sit still amd focus?

Kent P.
I set a timer for 25 minutes and force myself to work. If I need to, I’ll get a cup of coffee, use noise cancelling headphones, and instrumental music to block out distractions. For 25 min I don’t check the phone or email. Then take a break for a while, then another 25 min until I get on a roll and can work for longer.

Gina Z.
I do different things. Mostly, if I am in this state, I will let myself move my body. I generally tidy up something. I put things away. Easy things, quick things, not involved things. I listen to interviews of people I admire who do the work that I do is another kick-start. Some times I sit down and just write to myself and ask: What is on your mind? What is getting in your way? Then, let myself answer. The answer is generally there. These are my top ways of getting a kick-start.

Here's what I don't do: call friends, look at social media, turn on any kind of video content. These lead to more obstacles!

Billy A.
I escape the doing the work by eating (usually chocolate) or drinking something water even thought I don’t need to. It doesn’t help in itself as it is just a form of an escape, but when I do, I ask myself why is the task ahead so hard that I try to escape it.

Sometimes it is the task, sometimes it is just that I am tired or unmotivated.

If it is the task I try to break it down further and make any progress, usually after starting with something small it is easy to continue.

If it is not the task, I try to meditate for few minutes, usually the meditation is as hard as starting so if I finish 2 minutes I start feeling much easier about the task. If that doesn’t help, I tend to pospone it for later (if it is possible).

Nicole C.
I used to have this problem a lot. But then I changed my chair out for an exercise ball on a wheeled platform. I can wiggle and bounce all I like, but I don’t have to leave my desk so I get so much more work done!

Flora F.
I usually go to the living room to talk and spend time with my family or spend some time on my phone so that my mind will be clear. Oh, and I also Meditate for mind clarity, it’s really useful.

Joana B.
well, to be honest, sometimes I just don’t feel like doing something. in those times I usually try to rest a little, doing something that I like, listen to some music, sing, dance, watching some tv show. if it is something that I really need to get done I will just try to get inspired so I can do it 🙂

Yessica Z.
Low impact activities help me stay focused. So, I personally like to get up and stretch, put some relaxing music, or take deep breaths. Low impact activities are not suitable for everyone, you may like high impact activities like doing jumping jacks, running in place, or having a quick dance party. I would suggest figuring out whether high or low impact activities help you stay focused. Try out different activities and notice which ones help you out the most.