What is the best way to study for a big exam?

M Line Q.
Revise your work carefully , and close any gaps you may have in the exam. Slowly take your time, but don't let it cut into your relaxing time! Ask you teacher if any questions. Good luck!

Quinn J.
It depends on how you learn. I personally am an audible learner, so I find videos online to watch. Once I feel confident that I understand the subject, I do practice problems and check to see if I’m correct. Khan Academy, The Organic Chemistry Tutor, and StudyNova are extremely useful for me.

Emil A.
The best way to study for a big exam is to actually start studying ealier and not let everything on the last minute. Also, studying constantly and taking practice exams (and even creating them for yourself to answer them later) it is a good way to remember what you study. Trying to explain to yourself or to others what your read to see if you understand the subject is a very good way to remember what you study. You also need to get enough sleep so that you can concentrate on your reading.

Joey F.
The best way is to set a timer for however long you want to study for each subject. Sit in a quiet place so it is easier to focus. Drink lots of water.

Eri P.
What worked for me was 1. Remove distraction i.e. cell phone when studying 2. Take your own notes from all reading material you have , i.e books, internet, class notes 3. Think that going out with friends can be postponed for after the exam so you will celebrate together ☺️

Skeptycal N.
– make an outline of important points
– spend as much time as possible in the weeks before the exam investigating each point, finding alternative sources, “buildings context”
– the week of the exam, make a quick run through any practice questions, make up your own, challenge each other in a study group
– the day before: look over the big picture again
– the hour before “ the Hour of Power” go over, very quickly, all of the vocab, equations, main ideas, etc (the short lists you should have memorized) if math is involved, get your math mind warmed up
– eat one hour before; avoid carbs; drink coffee only if it is helpful; be early; have supplies; put on noise canceling headphones and get in the zone.
– during: FOCUS, split up sections so any time limit isn’t a problem, only stop if you need the restroom and do that immediately and quickly so you don’t lose momentum

Leander R.
test your existing ability on past papers, make a study plan for topics that you need most, have a good rest the night before the exam.