I have this problem of switching tasks when I have a lot of them. Say for example I start working on task 1 using deep work and I complete it. That’s when it’s so difficult for me to switch or take up a new task. I can handle task 2 when task 1 is still in progress, but when it gets completed, my mind and body goes to relaxation state automatically and I start to procrastinate. How can I stop myself from doing this?

Sylwia F.
Instead of thinking of it as each one being a single task on its own. Think of them as steps for one giant task to be done (your day)
Henry O.
Start the next task before the last one is completed. Also, write down what you are afraid of (why are you procrastinating?). Then ask if each of those things are true or false. For example, I’m no good at writing would be false.
Jesse C.
I had to look for the “procrastinate” translation ;-). Not very good in English. But: embrace your relaxation! Maybe you can set some lines (no more than 30 min) if needed? I do the opposite: get in a “hyper” modus with too less space/time/attention for my children & husband… Good luck!
Caroline E.
You could set a timer for 5 minutes to let yourself enjoy the reward of work well done but don’t let yourself do anything else than the next task.
Annamaria J.
Take a nice long break in between. Then start another deep work session while blocking distractions. Start the second session off small, maybe 5 minutes and increase from there. It’s working the same muscle, and it takes incremental steps as well.