What’s the best time to do deep work?

Holl N.
well, first of all you need a time where you are definitely free, of course. if there are others in the house too, inform this beforehand to ensure that they don’t interrupt. just sit down and relax before starting, that’s what I do anyway. for time, I put deep work into afternoon schedule, so lunch can be my source of motivation! hope this helps <33
Tonina N.
Depends on your personality. Some people prefer doing it before breakfast, while others cannot work before lunch. You should try different options, one option for several days, and find what suits you best. I was inclined to focus better after 17 pm, but working in the evenings put strain on my relationship. Now I am having two deep work sessions – one after breakfast, and the other after lunch, and I manage to do the same amount of work without harming my connection with the loved ones.
Favour X.
At night when you’re free from distractions and you can immerse yourself with a clear mind knowing that there are no underlying tasks left to do.