(I’m a student.) If you feel ill, how do you decide objectively whether to work or to skip the work session and take it easy? I find it easy to use a slight feeling of illness as an excuse not to work.

Marius P.
Rank it om a scale of 10. Make an agreement with yourself that if your discomfort is 7 or less, you'll go to work or get started on homework. If it is between 5-7, give yourself the gift of one "Power-Up" activity to prepare yourself to work. Set an annoying alarm for 15 minutes and put your work materials on top of it so that when you get up to turn off the alarm, you have to interact with your work materials. Dø yoga for 15 minutes. Or take your materials woty you to a location you can't just waste time, like gø to the library and set up your workspace tthen give yourself 15 minutes to nap or eat or relax before you dive in.
Claas O.
Always go. You’ll feel useful, less alone and you’ll probably do better than you expected. You can always go home if needed.
Mareen O.
It all depends how you feel but you have to do some work instead of nothing. Your teachers will not be happy if you keep using that you are ill 🤒 as an excuse. You have to do some work
Raul F.
You have to be able to tell the difference between discomfort and illness. If you’re actually sick, resting will be bery beneficial. If you’re feeling a bit run down its a good idea to boost your energy with a healthy snack or smoothie, do the work and have a good rest when you’re done.
Mike Q.
Usually, I will delay my task for a while. Take a good rest until my health is recovered. This is due to my previous experience, I push myself too hard although I’m sick at that time. It makes me more unfeeling well n makes me feel like I have been used by them.
Felix E.
I found myself more motivated when I have a clear list of to dos. It’s easy to clear up no-brain tasks if you are not feeling extremely bad.
Jenny Y.
Are you well enough to be in class?
Are you able to understand the subject?
Are you able to read and write about the topic?
If yes, to any of these questions, study
Any difficulties discuss with your tutor or classmate
Adam E.
If I feel like an excuse can be made out of how I'm feeling, I ask myself "Am I well enough to enjoy my leisure activities?" youTube, videogames, Netflix etc… If the answer is yes, then I decide to continue with my work.
Lucas W.
Your mind thinks that objective truth is what important here. It’s bullshit. What important is whether you achieve something today.

There are bad days for sure. But even then there are tasks you can accomplish without skipping something. Don’t skip; make a deal; trade some of your future results if you need for sone results here and now.

I’ve been there. My mind keeps telling me that the best way to spend some time is to sleep or watch Riverdale. Instead I look into my to do list and do something before I allow myself to relax; and no, I try not to sleep when I’m not supposed to.

Lisandra P.
This is true! Last week I was sick but I decided to work any way did as much as I could. When I couldn't handle it I rested and came back and did more. What I learned is that we sometimes say I feel sick as an exuse to not stay committed to our goals and passions