What do you consider “deep work” and when do you plan it in your daily schedule?

Sebastian G.
I have coupled Deep Work with One Big Thing
Every Afternoon I focus on a projected relevant to the day
It could be planning or doing: shopping, research, reading or cooking
Whatever it is a day is allocated for ease and reference
Mia Z.
I'm a student, so anything that requires concentration like intense studying. I just try to get it done in the morning.
El Sio Z.
I consider everything where I want to work a certain time with little to no distraction for a certain amount of time deep work. This can be anything from doing dishes to making a mindmap.
Pedro C.
Focussed work on one task with no checking emails or calls. I like to do one after planning in the morning for 25 to 45 minutes, and then the afternoon. 2 hour session if I can, but I have too many meetings to go without checking emails or having calls.
Lea Z.
This is a great question and one I've asked as well. I'm a stay-at-home mom so it looks much different than my husband who is coding all day. For me, I try to get those appointments booked that I've been meaning to do or send emails and messages that I keep putting off. I also use it to tackle cleaning projects; start the timer and clean the fridge for example. I try to tackle the things I dread the most, which takes a lot of focus but have been the most satisfying to get done. My days have very different schedules. so I fit it in when I can. Once was at 9:30 pm, today was at 7am.
Fatima Q.
Do you work is working on the work that my soul my deepest self is calling for or towards that. Sometimes it’s something I’m even on comfortable with but it’s all towards my most important goal . And I am challenging myself in someway