What is that you do to keep being focused?

Abbie P.
I try to put on some music and eliminate as many other distractions as I can. Then I settle myself down and do something I enjoy, that I don't have to force myself to do each time, just occasionally. I get myself into a zone to the point of hyper-focused tunnel vision. Using one big thing like music, overpowers all the little things.
Giulia Y.
I use a strong morning routine that includes meditation, mission review, top three priorities setting, Spiritual Reading and reflecting, and setting my schedule. Mid day I use a brief routine and in the evening as well. I also place periods of 20 – 30 minutes of deep work in my day. Finally, when people interrupt my day with their needs – I stop and be with them and serve them. This approach works well for me
Avery E.
I set my favorite deep focus playlist and press play with my headphones. No smartphone at my see, no other complications.
Leon S.
I'd find a place where I can be away from distracting noises. My favorite place is either the library or a café. Sometimes I'd put on my earphones and listen to classical piano, but I also find that not listening to music at all can also improve my focus. I also uninstall distracting apps such as Instagram, and put my phone on silent. I also bring a notebook to write in, which also helps me to focus.
Taylor J.
I try and work on only one task at a time and not think about everything else I have to do. Once that task is crossed off my list, I move on to the next. This is how I stay focused and not get overwhelmed.
Anna P.
Know that what I am doing really needs doing. If it doesn't then I don't need to focus on it. Sometimes I start a few jobs and whichever one I get into the zone is the one I focus on for a long period of time/ til complete.