How do you count the deep work, any kind of uninterrupted intense activity or just intellectual? Work related only or maybe life related only?

Ludovino Q.
Hi! I use Deep Work as a wildcard for anything I really need to get done that’s going to require some focus and (ideally) uninterrupted time. I often use it for writing projects I am getting done in chunks. I could use it for creating jewelry or for sitting down to write texts or make calls that have been sitting too long or plan for something that can’t get done in a simple few minutes. I keep my Deep Work at 45 minutes or less. It works great for activities I’ve been delaying or for my top 3 items I’ve identified that need to get done that day. Use your intuition, maybe you’ll come up with something very different that works for you! Kind regards!!
S Crates Q.
I count deep concentration on physical or intellectual work, but not on hobby or fun events. Life related would count, too.
Terrence F.
I have a variable work schedule, and when I'm at work, deep intensive activity is combined with intellectual work. So when I'm home, I have to find a way to switch gears without losing the muscle memory of intense activity combined with intellectual work, so I tend to listen to something that will make me think and laugh, because laughing will allow me to unwind.
Miriam P.
Anything well defined, which I can completely dive myself in. Usually work related, if there is no such work, then personal life.
Gomes Q.
I count deep work as uninterrupted activity, both work related or life related. As long as I’m focused on one task for a good amount of time with no interruptions, I count it as deep work.
Noe F.
I don’t think I personally would count intense athletic activity as deep work, and I had the impression the original author meant it to be intellectual activity. But then, I assume the original author originated from Duke University and therefore that her own long-term projects are intellectual ones. It seems to me that intense, uninterrupted artistic activity should count. For an activity like intense, uninterrupted housework, though, I still have to ask, what is the long-term goal you are working towards? The author counts meditation separately from deep work, maybe because it doesn’t produce a tangible result… but maybe she *would* count 25 or more minutes of it.

I personally always use “Deep Work” to do work I’m paid for: grading papers, which takes me a lot of time and concentration. Telling myself that I’m allowed to quit after 25 minutes is sometimes the only way I can motivate myself to get started—but then once I start, I always spend more than 25 minutes at it. So having Deep Work as part of my routine is helping me face one of my most unpleasant tasks.

Quentin Z.
I’m employed, so I consider work as focused tasks and time at my office during the work week, and on weekends, I consider it knocking out my chore/to do list… maybe errands or cleaning, or paying bills… maybe writing or my hobbies… but something I need or want uninterrupted and dedicated time , space, and energy.
Nicoline C.
Any task, rather work or personal, that requires a deep amount of concentration to accomplish. Tasks that I may stall to work on gets done rather quickly when I engage in a deep work session.
Barry T.
My deep work is all about Beauty.just something to soak into.maybe poetry,photography or even reading.But writing my man booker prize winner books just blows them the others (aka deep work)miles away.
Felix F.
Generally I separate into goal achieving things and other things. So work and important private things are the only things were deep work is valid for me. I can go gaming uninterrupted or doing my workout but that's more fun than deep work IMHO.
Almurt O Q.
Any kind with a visible workflow, which means state when I am absolutely concentrated on the certain activity. That includes studying, working out or reading books as well.
Ellinor F.
I think it’s whatever you want to work on. For me; it’s working on my creative projects. I don’t count working at my regular job because I’m obviously working there.
Cindy U.
I’ve been counting my deep work as time I spend on school work, but I feel like deep work can mean different things to different people. If a big goal you have is to clean your house, then your deep work can be dedicating a set amount of time to completing that task. hope this helped! 💓