How do you minimize phone distractions when your phone is needed for deep work. Ex: a lot of the programs I use require dual factor authentication to log in which requires a verification text be sent to my phone. They routinely time out after 20 minutes or so of not being in use and require me to log in again. Then I end up down a rabbit hole of checking stuff on my phone

Duane W.
I totally hear you. I am the same way. The only thing I have been trying is to allow myself to go down the rabbit hole but for like literally a minute – and then I ask myself ok has it been a minute of being distracted? Ok stop – back to work. Like you just allow yourself to get distracted but cut it off at x amount of time then reduce that time til you can eliminate that negative habit. you don’t have that cut off time and you end up into the nether of no return. Give it a try!