Do you reward yourself for accomplishing deep work? How?

Ava Y.
Not really. Maybe I am using different than others. I’m not sure but doing it is usually my reward. But if it was a tough task then yes. I will do something that isn’t necessarily what I do often, like go out for lunch or dinner or order in. Or pick up an Adult Coloring Book of Mandela’s and use my favorite Colored Pencils or watch my favorite sitcom. Most often though, Deep Work is something others may not necessarily find pleasurable but for me it feels cathartic.

Mariana E.
Yes I reward myself by praising for accomplishment. It gives greater satisfaction than waiting for others to appreciate

Rupert Y.
Well, the sense of accomplishment and decrease in anxiety is a huge boost. But I also often reward myself with a stretch, look out the window and some tea 🙂

Patsy Z.
i usually just smile in front of the mirror and thank myself for trying to be a better person, it might sound kinda strange but it’s amazing