Do you ever get tempted by distractions ?

Jeppe W.
Yes it is tempting, but that is also a test to see how strong you are, if you do give up and get distracted, just remember to try harder next time or better yet, get back to work

Anton W.
All the time! I keep a notebook or paper next to me when I'm trying to do productive work. Anytime I notice I've been distracted, I make a note of what the distraction was, then get back to work. Becoming more aware of the things, events, people, or thoughts that distract you can be helpful in making changes to prevent reoccurance. I find that writing thoughts down prevents obsessing over an an idea I don't want to forget.

Faustino O.
Yes, I do. I find that the best way to deal with distractions is to stay away from them–turn off the TV. Close your email if you can. Confirm what you will be working on for how long, and focus on it. It can be easier said then done, especially if you have a job where people are often stopping by to distract you. Sometimes you need to find a closed room, and just go there to get stuff done. 🙂

Zachary A.
Sure do! I’m getting distracted right now, and sometimes I give in. Something that is very important for me is recognising and acknowledging when I’m distracted or giving in to that temptation (after checking it’s not a genuine sign that I need to replenish – bathroom break, water, yell at a hill for a bit, etc), and how that’s impacted my life in the past, but also to concentrate on when I’ve avoided distraction and pushed past resistance. Doing that and acting on the determination it gives me, even just a flicker, lets me slowly keep building up a core of determination I can return to in similar circumstances.