Are there tricks or tools to help me complete my deep work with fewer family distractions?

Hilma E.
I recently heard a single mother complain that she has so little free time to practice her writing. So, she waits until her child goes to bed, and then works really hard for those two hours or so before she has to sleep herself. She knows that if she didn’t do this, her writing would never get done.

When she was younger, she never had time to write either. But now that she’s even busier, she realizes the amount of time she’s been wasting.

Denise U.
I think going to a different location like the library or the park or somewhere else that is quiet then you can easily focus.

Kenneth U.
I would say, just let them know.
That you need your time for doing your stuff and that time needs to be respeted.
Also find a space in your house where you can be completely by yourself 🙂

Jan Z.
Zeker, alleen gerelateerd aan de leeftijd van de kinderen. Bij boven de 7 merk ik dat alles te ruimte kan, koptelefoon op en eerst meer mediteren na evt afleiding

Riley Z.
I have same exact question!

I will try to share some thoughts later when I have a chance to think about it- but I didn’t want to “lose track” of this question so I wanted to just “re-tweet” that I have this same question and thoughts about how to balance day to day family tasks and goal with my own personal routines and rituals.

Maybe try to incorporate family/kids take into personal routines and rituals?

Meditation is a hard one to include kids but quiet time and playing the “keep silent game” (where you try to not make even one peep of sound for 5 minutes no matter what ever else’s is going on around you) sometimes works!