How do you deal with the brain not focusing? Sometimes I clear my desk and sit down to focus on the task, an hour later I realise I have just spent most of the time staring into space and either not taken in the information, or worse, still made a ton of mistakes in the task, meaning I have to go back and start again.

Marten J.
As a mother and full time college student I know the struggles with focusing. When I can’t focus I get up and walk down the hall and back, or even do some desk yoga. Then if I still can’t focus even with that I start with the 25 minute timer on here. My favorite timer on here though is the last one that been every hour to as a reminder to get back on task of you’re not. If you are on take excellent!!!
Sabri T.
You need to give your mind mindful meditative space where it has permission to wander and explore without judgement. Make 10 to 20 minutes of time just for u and I guarantee u will be more productive, more focused and complete more work than if u say I don't have time for that try it and see.
Carla P.
I started by being much more strict about deepwork until I had strenghthed the habit. Add it soft sounds in background and was aggressive about not being interrupted.
R Damas Z.
I do not deal with not-focusing most of the time, I have huge problems in focusing. When I realise that I’m not focused and I need to do something important however, I try clear my head of what I was doing, go for a small walk, even just go to the toilet, take a coffee, talk about something else or drink water. It makes me more productive (most of the times) and I can finish what I was doing.
Rick F.
Music helps me focus a lot. Sometimes I let procrastination get the best of me and I don’t end up doing what I know needs to get done, but when I have my playlist going or a really great podcast playing, I end up doing more than what I scheduled myself to do. I don’t have a hard time focusing when I’m tasked with stuff.
Brad S.
This happens to me a lot, and more often when I have not slept well the night before. The way you describe it, it almost sounds like you are asleep but awake at the same time. Setting a reminder either a sound, or a bell that goes off every few minutes to remind you might help to bring you back from spacing out. A rubber band on your wrist too might help shock you back into the moment. You might also be getting caught up with your thoughts about rushing or getting through the task or the outcome of it without being present in the moment. I notice this happens a lot when I am at an open desk or environment that keeps pulling me away.
Marie P.
Try pomodoro technic, you can use an app or just set a timer for 25 minutes. It works because it makes you concentrate on a task only for a limited time and thus lessens your anxiety to get all of the task done.
R Mi S.
Sounds like you are fatigued or trying to do too much desk work. Studies have shown 45 minutes of concentrated work is the limit. A true 15 minute break where you get some walking in will create focus and energy.
Rosmarie Z.
I ensure there is a scribble pad close by and different coloured pens
By doddling, images of whats important come to mind
Notes may not make sense to start with, so using different colours can assist distinction later on
Dale F.

I do this all the time-it’s as if I could have asked the same exact question.

The Fab App as well as the Fab video on this topic can help.

I think one thing to do is try the 25 minutes focused work session.

However, I think the focused work session needs to be practiced.

Maybe in some ways, we can try to treat it like how we build up our routine and rituals to exercise and run even on a daily basis.

Focused work is an exercise that we must practice and train and perform every day to build up our stamina and our “brain effort tolerance.”

25 minutes- focused work. Then stop, reassess, then do it again.
I am assuming I won’t finish all the focused work that I need to accomplish that day in 25 minutes, but I need to practice every day and I think I will slowly but surely improve my work’s accuracy and precision as well as efficiency… hopefully.

Long road ahead, but we can do it.